One of the best-known Buddist temple in Japan --Kingaku Temple, Kyoto

Kinkakuji Temple  Aug, 2008 © NIPPONIUM

I’m Kyo (it is how my family name is pronounced in Japanese). I’m a doctoral student studying in Kyoto, after finished my master program in the same university.

Since the first time I visited Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo on a 9-day-trip in 2008, I’ve been feeling strongly that Kyoto is exactly the place I want to stay. It was like dreams have come true when I got the acceptance letter from Kyoto University, which is one of the top 2 national universities in Japan (the other is Tokyo University). And to enter these two university is like the ultimate dream of most Japanese high school students.

I started leaning Japanese at college by myself at first and then attended lectures by a group of really outstanding professors. Thank to them, my Japanese pronunciation is fairly good for someone did not major in Japanese. This allows me to have better communication with local people, and hence, many misunderstandings could be avoided. Which also makes me believe that it is the main reason why I encountered much less unfair treatment at work or at school.

I started this blog after 3 years of living in Kyoto, where I believe is the most beautiful city in Japan.

This blog is about my (daily, academic, etc.) life as a female foreigner (believe me, these two points are crucial here) in Japan.  I was told that Japanese society is difficult to blend in. Yet, I’m trying, sometimes trying really hard. But still, I want to stay here as a scholar after graduation. Given that I’m trying to work my way through the intense competition here in the academic world, what I see might provide a different approach to understanding what life is like in Japan.

I feel like to write about anything that I’ve experienced in Japan, not only in Kyoto. Things that I found interesting or amazing or unbelievable… Sometimes I’m shocked when I found the way people think or behave are so strange, or should I say, un-understandable. Even to me, who is from similar cultural background, the cultural shock is quite big.

However, to make a good or bad image on this country is NOT the purpose of this blog.


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